POT, POT cum PTFE Brearing
Dynamic Pot Bearing are the new generation of bridge
bearings designed to meet the demands of today's complex bridge structures.

Pin & Metallic Guided Bearing
Consisting of a metal pin provided with in a metal cylinder to bear and transmit horizontal force along any direction
in the horizontal plane and accommodating rotational movement about any axis.

Spherical Bearing
Spherical Bearing Consist of concave & convex interface with thin PTFE lining for smooth rotation.

Anti Uplift Bearing
Anti Uplift Bearing Bears & Transmit Vertical load &
Horizontal force.

PTFE Sliding Bearing
These bearings are consisting of POT, Elastomeric pad,
piston, PTFE Sheet, Stainless Steel plate & Topplate

Neoprene / Elastomeric Bearing
The primary function is to accomodate expansion and
contraction due to changes in temperature and humidity and to reduce friction caused by the traffic loads on the substructure of the bridge.