Well Sinking Jack (Jackdown)
Dynamic bar splicing system is a method of joining deformes reinforcement bars end to end by especially manufactured steel sleeves, which are hydraulically swaged onto the ribs of the deformed bars.

Strand Pushing Machine
Provides the most efficient way of installing tendons.The strands are pushed individually into the duct directly from
the coil.

Pushing / Lifting Jack
Dynamic pushing and lifting jacks are manufactured from high quality alloy steel & are used in group pre-tensioning
purpose and lifting jacks are used for lifting heavy machines, pre-cast girders, flue cans, repair & rehabilitaion of the girders etc.

Splicing Jack
Well sinking by jack down method is a precise and
controlled method of sinking well within the allowable limits of tilt, shift and rotation of every stage of its sinking.

Re-Stressable Anchorages & Jack
Dynamic has developed re-stressable anchorages the
loss used for special purpose projects where of prestress can be recouped at a later stage.